Virtual Fools

180 Years in the Future

September 19, 2023 Stew Redwine Season 1 Episode 10
Virtual Fools
180 Years in the Future
Show Notes

In our grand finale, the Virtual Fools embark on a journey into the future, exploring 180 years of AI development. From AI-driven cities to mind-bending virtual reality, we reveal a world where AI is a trusted companion and guardian of ethics. Join us for laughter, insights, AI's version of the future of AI technology, and finally learn the hosts of Virtual Fools names.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure!

Virtual Fools was the first podcast named, written, and hosted by AI.

It was a creative project to see how much of a podcast can be generated with AI, one episode at a time, with as little human intervention as possible.

From the artwork to the music to the editing to the voices and more.

AI-powered creative tools used: