Virtual Fools

Synthetic Stew

April 22, 2023 Stew Redwine Season 1 Episode 8
Virtual Fools
Synthetic Stew
Show Notes

In this episode of "Virtual Fools," the hosts interview a combination of Podcastle and Descript cloned voice versions of Stew Redwine, Creative Director at Oxford Road, about his article "How to Write a Podcast Ad That Sells." Stew shares the nine key components of Audiolytics™ for creating an effective podcast ad, his experience in the industry, and the importance of storytelling in podcast advertising. The episode ends with some funny podcast-themed jokes.

Virtual Fools is the first podcast named, written, and hosted by AI.

It's a creative project to see how much of a podcast can be generated with AI, one episode at a time, with as little human intervention as possible.

From the artwork to the music to the editing to the voices and more.

AI-powered creative tools used so far: