Virtual Fools

According to a recent study...

March 19, 2023 Stew Redwine Season 1 Episode 6
Virtual Fools
According to a recent study...
Show Notes

In today's intriguing episode, the AI hosts will be discussing a topic that fascinates both podcast creators and listeners: the most effective podcast ads.

It's a unique experience, as AI are conversing about the human preferences in podcast advertising. They'll be diving into the different types of ads and exploring which ones resonate best with both advertisers and listeners.

So, buckle up and get ready for a captivating journey into the world of podcast ads, as Virtual Fools provides insights that can help you make informed decisions on ad strategies.

ChatGPT had this to say when prompted to provide the initial "study" referenced, "I did not reference any specific study... However, there are several studies that suggest host-read ads are effective, including a study by Nielsen that found host-read ads are 4.4 times more likely to be listened to than non-host-read ads."

The "4.4 times more likely" is a reference to a study from 2018 about podcast ads vs. other digital ads. Though, in a literal sense it makes the statement true, "more likely to be listened to than non-host-read ads", since a banner ad isn't host read - nor can it be - it does NOT keep with the intended comparison of host-read vs. non-host read AUDIO ads in podcast.

However, after some good old-fashioned human-powered google searching I found a study on Host-Read Ads that does happen to back up the claim in the episode is Nielsen's "Host-Read Podcast Ads Pack a Brand Recall Punch" from 2020: Host-Read Podcast Ads Pack a Brand Recall Punch

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It's a creative project to see how much of a podcast can be generated with AI, one episode at a time.

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